Are You Ready for Freedom?




Our Motto:

"I have a reason for everything I do!"

Even if that reason is uncertainty, not being ready, having too much to do, being afraid, or not knowing how to do something, all Cross-Dominants have reasons for everything they do.

So the next time some busybody interferes, demands an explanation, or puts you on the spot, just smile and say, "I have a reason for everything I do." Then you can walk away with equanimity, and let them figure it out in their own time.

So before you leave this site, put your pinkie in the air and say the Cross-Dominant oath with me: "No more apologizing, explaining or defending."


Purpose of this Site


This site is intended to 

Gather Cross-Dominants together

Educate ourselves and the world about these Personality Types

Spread the word so we don't think we're all alone

Show Cross-Dominants how to minimize their exhaustion, their apologizing, explaining and defending

Give Cross-Dominants something they can point to to say, "See! I'm not crazy!"

  Make tough situations easier, especially in communication

Give Cross-Dominants a place to vent (see the Forum page)

Get Cross-Dominants off medications they may not need (check with at least 3 doctors; don't take my word for it!)


This site is dedicated to those who 

• Can manage both detail and overview, switching back and forth effortlessly

• Wonder why others can't

• End up with all the responsibility and—it feels like—none of the power

• Are tired of taking care of other people

• Wonder when someone's going to take care of them

• Are tired of putting themselves last

• Are fed up with explaining, apologizing and defending 

• Would love to talk to others like themselves

• Want to check out other resources (books, e-books, e-newsletters, forum)



What's a Cross-Dominant?

"Cross Dom" is short for Cross-Dominant, which  is any person who has dozens (if not hundreds) of interests and hobbies; who takes care of everyone else first but himself or herself last (if at all); someone who can use both sides of his or her brain (using the left for logic, and right for emotion), never realizing that most people just don't have that dual capacity.

Only 5% of the population have it. Are you one of us?

A Cross-Dominant is one who is always explaining, apologizing, defending his or her position, and trying, trying, trying to get his or her point of view across to others — to no avail.

A Cross-Dominant has 4,000 things on his or her To Do list every day, compared to the 4 — 5 things that most other people have on their lists.

A Cross-Dominant is often exhausted, feels alone, thinks she's going crazy, is convinced she's ADD or ADHD, and knows, down to the core of every cell in her body, that she's the only one in the entire marching band going the wrong direction — except for one thing.

Did you know that it's possible to be going the opposite way from everybody else, and still be going in the right direction. No, because they never taught us that — not being able to see in more than one direction (while we can see in multiple directions at once.)

And did you know that the big communication gap you've been trying to bridge your entire life could be remedied very simply, with just a small change in language?

Did you know you're not crazy, you're not alone, and, in fact, you're part of a very special, very elite group? Yes, you are. That's what we're here to talk about. Glad you found us.

Welcome, fellow Cross-Dominant!



Is This You?

If you're one of the obedient but rebellious (obellious?) people, and if you're . . 

• exhausted

• dealing with far too much

• feeling alone

• going a million different directions

• tired of explaining, apologizing and defending

. . . and wondering if you're crazy, you're not. 

You're just Cross-Dominant, that's all.

Want to know more?

This site has numerous links (and more coming) that explain you to you, you to others, and others to you.

You can reach Author, Webmaster and Cubicle Anthropologist Liz Franklin (of course she does it all herself; she's Cross-Dominant!) via email here or by calling her at 800-447-3488.